Robert J. Alexander — Percy Family
John Geck — Cambridgeshire (with Anne Brannen)
Sarah Carpenter — Scotland Royal Court
Mark Chambers — Durham (with John McKinnell)
John Craig — Norfolk (with James Stokes)
Callan Davies — Curtain Playhouse
JoAnna Dutka — Norwich to 1540
Peter Greenfield — Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire; Hampshire (with Jane Cowling)
Rosalind C. Hays — Wiltshire (with C.E. McGee)
Tracey Hill — Civic London 1558-1642
Alexandra F. Johnston — Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire
David N. Klausner — Yorkshire North Riding
Sally-Beth MacLean — Surrey including Southwark, Rose Playhouse
John J. McGavin — Scotland Provinces (with Eila Williamson)
C.E. McGee — Derbyshire, Yorkshire West Riding (with Sylvia Thomas); Wiltshire (with Rosalind C. Hays)
John McKinnell — Durham (with Mark Chambers)
Christopher Matusiak — Cockpit Playhouse
Emily Mayne — Norwich 1540-1642 (2nd ed with JoAnna Dutka and Matthew Woodcock)
Alan H. Nelson — Essex
Dave Postles — Nottinghamshire
J.A.B. Somerset — Warwickshire
James Stokes — Norfolk (with John Craig), Suffolk
Sylvia Thomas — Derbyshire, Yorkshire West Riding (with C.E. McGee)
Suzanne Westfall — Northumberland
Eila Williamson — Scotland Provinces (with John J. McGavin)
Matthew Woodcock — Norwich 1540-1642 (2nd ed with JoAnna Dutka and Emily Mayne)
Diana Wyatt — Yorkshire East Riding

Contact Sally-Beth MacLean about collections in progress that are currently without an editor. These are Huntingdonshire, Kent: Diocese of Rochester, Leicestershire, and Middlesex including Westminster.