Executive Board

Caroline Barron, Royal Holloway College, University of London
Alan Bewell, University of Toronto (Chair of English, ex officio)
Carolyn Black, University of Toronto (REED Project Manager, ex officio)
John Bradley, King’s College London
John Craig, Simon Fraser University
Matthew Davies, University of London
Peter Greenfield, University of Puget Sound (Secretary)
Stephen Johnson, University of Toronto
Alexandra F. Johnston, University of Toronto (Founder and Senior Consultant)
Sally-Beth MacLean, University of Toronto (Director of Research and General Editor)
J.J. McGavin, University of Southampton (Chair)
C.E. McGee, University of St Jerome’s College
Sian Meikle, University of Toronto
Alan H. Nelson, University of California, Berkeley
Raymond G. Siemens, University of Victoria
Suzanne Westfall, Lafayette College

Editorial Staff

Carolyn Black, Project Manager
Patrick Gregory, Associate Editor (Latinist and Palaeographer)
Tanya Hagen, Bibliographer and Editor, EMLoT

Research and Editorial Associates

William Cooke, English Glossarian
William Edwards, Anglo-Norman Glossarian
Stephanie Hovland, London Area Research Associate
Maria Lau, Typesetter
Arleane Ralph, Indexer and Copy Editor
Sylvia Thomas, Northern UK Research Associate
Abigail Ann Young, Latin Glossarian and Digital Consultant

Student Research Assistants 2013–14

John Estabillo (English), EMLoT
Peter O’Hagan (Centre for Medieval Studies), Editorial
Lauren Shepherd (Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies), Troupes and Venues
Caitlin Thompson (Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies), Venues